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Rebecca Harman

London, England



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For people who love soul and style.

This original artwork is created by Rebecca Harman and purchasing is exclusive to this website.

The product range of art prints, clothing, throw pillows, coffee mugs and much more are a high quality and made to last. All prints and products are made when ordered.

"Photography gives me great life experiences, an appreciation of life and opens doors to collaborations and opportunities. My craft has developed through thick and thin providing encouragement and inspiration in the 'magical moment' and a sense of purpose, connection and expression. In short it's Spiritual.

Thanks for visiting."

Rebecca specializes in photography and photography based art. Her photographic passion and experience spans more than twenty years. Capturing her initial interest via fashion magazines such as Vogue she purchased her first camera at fifteen years of age and continued to develop her skills and practice by creating, studies and work experience. Her love and dedication to the craft has been a huge part of her development as a person, communicator, educator, Artist and even entrepreneur.

Essentially self taught her work has featured in books, magazines, advertising and exhibitions. She has traveled internationally and lived in London, New York and Barcelona.

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Baby Bamboo - Ochre by Rebecca Harman


Baby Bamboo - Deep Pink and Blue by Rebecca Harman


Enlightened Jungle by Rebecca Harman


Queen Badu by Rebecca Harman


Autumn Flames - Peach by Rebecca Harman


Tully Fishery by Rebecca Harman


Autumn Flames - Original by Rebecca Harman